Saturday, October 02, 2004

It's Saturday

It is the end of another week. The Ethnologue still isn't quite done, but it is still "almost" done.

R. isn't feeling well, but hopefully she will get better soon.

I haven't heard much from D. this week.

This morning I got email from A. saying that he was feeling better after 36 hours of diarrhea and vomiting. He thinks his project in Ethiopia will be getting a sizable amount of funding from USAID. He also sent an article about how the protesting he did at Harvard last year about the loan repayment program has paid off with a $10 million grant.

It finally got cool here last night. We had a big rain, which we were needing, but the folks at Homecoming probably wished it had waited a while. Today G. is weeding his flower garden since the ground is now soft. The rain brought all the fire ants to the surface too--new mounds all over the place.

I went to church workday this morning for about 3 hours. Mostly cleaned up rat and cockroach droppings.


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