Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Yesterday Gary came home from work early in the afternoon. He said they had closed the Center because of a lightning strike nearby which blew out a transformer. Don't know if they got if fixed yet, but I'll find out soon.

We got a nice phone call from D. on Saturday. He seemed happy. One reason he was happy was that he finally had a little money in his pocket. Someone from the Dept. of Health and Human Services knocked on his door and gave him $30 cash for taking a survey. I asked him what kind of survey. He said, "Oh, one where they ask questions like, 'Have you used cocaine in the last 30 days?'" He called us while walking to Starbucks to go drink coffee and read a book. He was probably there to look for cute girls too. You know that he and St. are no longer dating? That didn't last long. I guess she wasn't quite over her former bf <--that's how you say 'boyfriend' if you're into the nothings.

Latest email from A. said his episode with diarrhea lasted 36 hours, but he is feeling better now. It is possible that SP will get a huge grant from USAID for Africa, and if the last round of negotiations don't change, 2.5 million could go to Ethiopia. Doesn't he seem too young to be handling that much $$?!

R. had not such a great weekend because she wasn't feeling well, but when I talked to her last night she sounded lots better and more cheerful. I filled out the form and got the money order in preparation to register her for the last of the three standardized tests that she has to pass to get her Oklahoma teacher certification. This last one cost twice as much, so it would be nice if she passes it the first time. She will take it in November and then again in February if she fails the first time. She loves singing in the choir. Too bad they only rehearse once a week because she finds that fun and relaxing.

G. is still trying to finish the Ethnologue. It is very close. But he's been saying that for two weeks. He goes to Colorado Springs on Sunday afternoon, but it will be just a short trip, coming back on Tuesday.

We have had a lot of rain the last few days, but we needed it.


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