Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baby Gets More Shots

Andrew sent a couple emails this week. Here are excerpts:

We had a full day today of more purchases. A washing machine, toaster, changing table, hair dryer, and groceries. Also we got a shower rod and curtains installed in the house finally so it seems the house is coming together. Except for maybe a TV we probably have all the purchases we will make at least until our container comes so we can see what we have in there.

Yesterday, I bumped into a Harvard classmate who is here for a week on business. He and his wife now live in Tanzania. We took him out for lunch today.


Isabella had her shots yesterday at the Swedish Embassy clinic which seems to be the only place that has vaccines in the country. I am not actually sure how much they cost since they charged us in sweedish kroners. About 2200 kroners for the six vaccines. One was a 5 in 1 so only one injection. She had the other one in the other leg.

We finally got out curtains installed this week after much waiting. They look nice and make the house feel a little more homey.

As for other news, I've caught a pretty bad cold and don't feel so great. I stayed home from work yesterday and am still moving pretty slow today. When I'm not resting I"m trying to get my Christmas packages ready to take to the post office on Monday.


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