Sunday, May 16, 2004

Rachel is home

We drove to OKC on Thursday and got Rachel. She was not completely packed, but not much was still laying around so we were able to get it in the car while she was busy helping a friend with her stuff. The weather was rainy, so that made packing the car even worse, but we managed. Man, that girl has too much stuff! We had bad weather on the drive home too, but made it safely. Kenny came over and help us unpack and do a first round of getting Rachel situated in back in her room.

On Saturday, Doro's mom and sister arrived for a week's visit. Trouble with that plan is that we will only be here for the first few days, because we leave for Indiana on Wednesday. They will just have to manage on their own. I have to find the blue car--I lent it to someone at the Center two weeks ago--so they can use it while we are away.

Today, Sunday, we started early with a breakfast at church for the seniors. Doro's mom and sister enjoyed that. They gave her a nice pen and book and a bottle of coke that says 2004 on it. Then Sunday school was a discussion of the search for a new pastor, then church, then to Ton's. They liked Ton's a lot!

Then later this afternoon, Gary left for Waxhaw. In fact, he just phoned a few minutes ago saying he had gotten there safely and was happy to have a room to himself. Then after that, my mom arrived. That meant Rachel needed to finish cleaning up her room to make space for Gma. So I helped her try on clothes, put clothes away, and pack away more stuff she won't need over the summer.

Now Doro, her family, and Rachel are watching an episode of "I Love Lucy" for some American entertainment.


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