Sunday, May 29, 2005

(Formerly) Forest View

I think land developers must hire script writers to come up with the names they give their housing subdivisions. For instance, Mountain Creek--are there any mountains anywhere in North Texas? Creek? Well, I suppose there is a creek somewhere, except for in the summer when they all dry up. Similarly, Mountain Terrace. Then, there is Hunters Glen. First of all, the punctuation is wrong. Secondly, the only hunting going on around here is for which house, among all these identical looking houses, is mine? And the newest dusty construction project going on near my house has the audacity to call itself Forest View. What's up with that? There would have been at least a teeny forest to view if they hadn't just bulldozed it down. And the saddest of all--they are threatening to do the same to the forest in my back yard.


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