Sunday, October 02, 2005

Lord, Bless the Churches on Kiest Avenue

Our pastor did a cool thing today. He prayed for our church only after he prayed for the other churches on our street: The Potter's House and Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship and the little Hispanic church across the street and the Church of Christ. He asked the Lord to receive the praise that was being lifted up from each of these congregations and to work in the lives of people who live on Kiest Avenue.

I like a pastor who knows the world doesn't revolve around his parking lot.

(I also noticed our immediate neighbors, Oak Cliff Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, were not in his list.)

And on a personal note, I had a nice chat with David today. His school got back in session on Wednesday after the Rita scare. He got a 92 on his last set of exams. He can't wait until Christmas.


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