Thursday, June 28, 2007


I spent the early birthday money my mom sent me on some clothes from Land's End. They arrived today, and not one of the tops fit. If they had come from the boutique, I would have remodeled them since they were all too big. Instead, I sent them back to exchange the size. We also recently bought Gary a couple new pairs of pants and they are all too long. Good thing I know how to sew.

Rachel continues to look for a teaching job for the fall. She has yet another Christian school to apply at--but they really want a PE/music teacher. Wouldn't it be a hoot to have Rachel be the PE teacher??

Andrew sent an email last night. He's got his hands full these days. Here's an excerpt:
we sent in the final version of a $2.1 million six year extension for the VCT project. Deadlines and proposals always are stressful. Also, we got a surprise bill for $11,050 unexpected and unbudgeted fines from the process of receiving all of those containers of food today, which was not pleasant and we are trying to negotiate out of. Tomorrow the director of [****] is coming to visit one of our projects on the [****]coast, so I have been working on setting that up too. And Friday the four interns come for five months and me and Laura are trying to set up their apartment since Monica is gone on home leave now and she is the one who is supposed to oversee the interns. Also one of the four seems to have a mother who is a little over anxious about her coming and working in the HIV testing project because her mom thinks this will give her AIDS. So I have had to deal with an upset mom this week, and her daughter still isn't here yet.

He makes our life seem so hum-drum.

And it continues to rain here! Here it is the end of June and it is raining every day. The grass won't quit growing.

Our plans for our trip to California and Oregon are nearly complete. We've bought our airline tickets and reserved the rental cars. Turns out we will see Gary's parents while we are in CA as they will be visiting there too.


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