Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Rachel!

With all the baby and wedding stuff going on, I nearly forgot Rachel's birthday. And, sadly, I did not bake her a cake. But Andrew and Laura didn't let me forget altogether, so we took her to IHOP for a late breakfast. It is a good place to go when Gary is out of town, since he hates pancakes.

Andrew had the very good idea to buy Rachel a new set of tires for her little car, so we are splitting the cost of that. It is great to have her car for use when the van is busy with other things. We'll try to get them put on early next week.

Rachel has moved to her new location, not far away on a different street in our neighborhood. She is house sitting for 8 weeks and we can use the place for overflow sleeping if we need to. She will still eat most of her meals with us--after all, she doesn't want to miss out on any of the new baby excitement!

Speaking of new baby, the latest medical checkup was all good, and it looks like this will be a big baby. My good friend, baby nurse Janet from next door, spent 2.5 hours giving Andrew and Laura a private baby class since they've been unable to enroll in one at the hospital. Then today Andrew and Laura went to the hospital for an official tour to learn where to park, what the general routine will be, and all about the strict security protocols at the hospital.

I haven't heard anything, but Gary should be in Ruiru, Kenya by now to soon start his workshop on Language Documentation for a group of Bantu languages.

(50% of the photos I take of Andrew have his eyes closed.)


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