Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Saturday in Advent

I think both Rachel and Gary have other things to do, but this morning Gary is giving Rachel an algebra review in preparation for a certification test she has to take Dec 17. Why does "Are you Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" come to mind?? Ugh--8th grade algebra was a long time ago! And there's science, history, and literature to worry about too.

In spite of this looming test, Rachel's job continues to go well. She's over the steep learning curve and now only works 12 hours a day instead of 18! Once in a while she only works an 8-hour day! She still works some on the weekends too, but she's not as stressed as she was at the beginning. Yesterday she got a couple nice compliments from her boss who reviewed the recorded online parent meeting that Rachel led. She's learned so much about spreadsheets, online collaboration software, and application sharing along the way too.

This afternoon Gary and I are driving to Granbury, about 60 miles away, to spend the evening with three other couples with whom we used to enjoy a weekly Bible study. We plan to spend the night there but make it home for church tomorrow.


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