Thursday, June 10, 2004

Master Andrew

Yay, Andrew did it! He graduated today and now is a Master of Public Administration, International Development.

The pomp and circumstance about did us in! Andrew had to start at 7am with a class photo. Then they lined up, processed to the Yard, listened to speeches, had degrees conferred onto over 6000 students en masse, then they went to the different schools for the diploma ceremony where individual names were read and diplomas given. There was a third part, but we were pooped after the first two, so Kofi Annan had to talk without us there to listen.

The weather was terrible. The first two days here were stinking hot, then it rained and didn't quit until lunch time today. So we sat in the rain. Our umbrella was not big enough for two people, so rain dripped down my arm for two hours. I tried to soak it up with the Harvard newspaper. Our seats were also terrible, for both ceremonies. But the lunch was good, we met up with our friend Carol, and Andrew introduced us to lots of the good friends he has made. I hope my photos turne out.


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