Sunday, August 01, 2004

Hot weather is back

It was cool most of last week because we had so much rain. I think we had around 10" in a couple days, but some nearby places had over 12". There was serious flooding that cause a number of deaths in the area. But now the hot weather of summer is back. Tomorrow R. and I will go back to swimming during lunch hour.

I finished mailing out the last of my newsletters today. It seems to take me several days to get the paper ones mailed, especially with updating my mailing list with address changes, etc. Always a nice feeling to get that done. About half of our list is done by email now, which saves us considerable $$ on printing and postage costs.

Today at church we had a nice change. Instead of a sermon, we had a report from a Wycliffe family about the dedication of the NT they started over 30 years ago. Another Wycliffe couple finished the work, but this original couple were able to attend the dedication in Papua New Guinea. It was a missions success story, and it was inspiring. 30 years ago they were a completely unreached tribe, and now they are sending missionaries to the villages down the river.

We haven't heard from A. in several days. Hope he is doing OK.


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