Monday, July 19, 2004

Old church friends

Yes, some of them are getting old.  But what I mean is friends from our old church--we got together with a bunch of Kimball folks at Golden Corral tonight.  Pete and Jan are home from Korea, so it was a chance to meet up with them.  It was fun seeing lots of old friends and getting caught up on their lives.
Gary got home from Michigan safely last night.  He had a good time there.  Found some grant money that could possibly pay for D to do some programming.
Andrew says he may have just today realized he is leaving on Saturday.  And he has a bunch of stuff to do before then.
D just came home from Organic Chemistry class.  Well, he didn't come straight home.  He came in and announced:  I've just been on a date.  But I didn't know it was a date until she gave me her phone number!  Oh, don't worry, mom.  She's my lab partner.  We've got good chemistry.


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