Monday, September 27, 2004

Update on Monday

D. called us from Delaware this weekend. The Leadership training group spent the weekend in some fancy beach house. They went out for a crab feast which he said he enjoyed, but it is a lot of work for the amount of food you get. He is trying to stay alive until payday.

R. has to turn in part 1 of her big project tomorrow. She seems to have most of it under control.

A. is having a busy week in Ethiopia with visitors from Kenya. He has hired a charter plane to take them to a town in the west on Thursday. He was quite proud of himself for getting a good deal on it. He will have a chance to talk to his boss about various business matters.

G. is still working hard on the Ethnologue. It is getting close. His paper for the November conference is due on Thursday, so he's busy with that too. And today he got orders to go to Colorado Springs for 2 days Oct 10-12.


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