Wednesday, September 22, 2004

We talked to A.

today and he seemed like he needed to talk since he spent the first 25 minutes of my 45 minute phone card talking nonstop. He told us all about how his project is going (slow), how it is to do business in a 3rd world country (slow), how the internet connections are at various hotels, cafes, and guesthouses (slow, slow, and slower). His boss comes from Kenya on Friday, so that will give him someone to talk business with. He told us about "getting a good deal" on chartering a small plane for next week when SP bigwigs come to visit. He is having so many cool opportunities.

I talked to D. earlier in the week. His hoped-for pay increase went through, but he is totally broke until payday comes, so we had to send him some $$. Luckily G. just got paid for some of his outside consulting. D. has discovered canned tuna on clearance sale.

R. seems to be doing pretty well since I helped her get a start on her big project. I haven't talked to her much since then, but I think she's doing ok.

I got the van fixed yesterday at our local mechanic. New seatbelt and the front seals were changed.


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