Monday, August 30, 2004

Reclaiming the house

A.'s friend found a cheap* calling card to use to call Ethiopia which I finally got to work today after four tries. It was good to hear from him, he's doing well. He was all excited because he got to meet Joseph Stiglitz and had him sign his copy of Globalization and its Discontents . Stiglitz is the 2001 Nobel prize winner in economics and was at some conference that A. managed to get invited to. On top of this, we said he is trying to wrangle an invitation to some other thing tomorrow so he can meet the US ambassador to Ethiopia.

*I say cheap, but it is still like $.16 per minute. I talked until the $10 card ran out. He's still not clear where he will live, whether Addis or Awassa, but he said he's tired of living in a hotel.

R. called too. She confessed to staying up too late and that probably got her off schedule, then she got a migraine headache for two days with vomiting, etc. So she already missed the first day of class today.

D. is on the road today, sleeping at Taylor to visit his old friends in the dorm. Tomorrow a long drive to DC.

G. is working his tail off to finish the Ethnologue. It is so much work, so many minute details to have right. And so many other people want so much from him. He needs a vacation!

I've made great progress turning the house over to myself. We've made a plan to stuff everything that D. or A. own into boxes and put it into half of the larger bedroom in the apartment. We've taken their books off the shelves and put up our own books. Taken stuff to the botique, and thrown stuff away. There will still be room for a twin bed and dresser in that bedroom, but about half will be solid boxes in storage.


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