Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No Football

Gary announced last night he was sad. Why? Football is over. I guess the pros don't count.

Gary's weekend at LSA went well. The sessions there that we were worried about turned out OK, thank the Lord.

I haven't heard anything more from David, so we need to keep praying for his stamina.

Rachel has gone back to work, but she's mostly getting half-day jobs, which isn't really enough income to pay her bills. She will be taking Thursday and Friday off to do stuff as a bridesmaid in her friend Jessica's wedding. Lots of activities are planned like a girls' night out, luncheon, manicure, hair appointment, etc.

We're more or less adopted another stray cat, a skinny, all black male. He will become Rachel's new cat when she is done babysitting Zippy, probably another two weeks. We've named him Panther, like the DHS mascot. He and White Kitty don't get along that well, but mostly they just ignore each other.


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