Saturday, June 30, 2007

New Clothes

After sending my returns back and ordering some replacements I decided to try our local Sears store to see what they could offer. Rachel and I went to the old tired mall (instead of the new fancy mall) and found everything in the Petites section on sale-yay! I got two tops and two capri pants all for $35.

Next, to the shoe store for some new walking shoes to replace the free pair I got from Janet which now are totally worn out. I really wanted Nikes because they seem to fit the best on my fat feet. Lady Foot Locker seemed too expensive, then Rachel spied what I really wanted in a different section of the store: white Nike walking shoes, on sale, and in wide width. Yay!

The rain keeps coming, but Gary managed to mow the lawn again last night just before the latest downpour. This morning he's weeding his flower garden while listening to tapes.

This afternoon we plan to go to Cal and Laurel Bucher's 60th wedding anniversary party.

In other news, Rachel is helping at a Vacation Bible school this morning and has faxed her resume to yet another Christian school.


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