Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Baby Is Getting Married!

By the looks of my two sons, it is a wonder any woman would take them!

This photo was taken during breakfast this morning. David and Sarah arrived by car late last night and as soon as breakfast was over I drove them to the DFW airport to go to Seattle. We will follow on Tuesday.

David was already giving Sarah a hard time about wearing his new Groom hat.

We are praying they won't be too stressed out this coming week, but what are the chances of that?? Andrew's advice to David: this will be the worst week of your life, so shut your mouth and open your wallet. (I guess he remembers the week of stress before his wedding!)

In other news, on the way home from DFW Rachel got a call to work the rest of the mornng, so I took her directly to Sylvan and she arrive exactly at 9:30. Mom and I picked her up at noon, went out to eat at Bennigans, then did some shopping. Andrew and Laura are spending the day at a Lamaze class, getting ready for baby.


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