Friday, June 11, 2004


Today was spent mostly packing. But it started out by meeting friends from Wisconsin for breakfast who just happen to be in Boston this week to visit relatives. Then I came home and started packing but Gary had another meeting, this time a business lunch with the director of the Forum of Bible Agencies who happens to live in Boston. While we were doing this, Andrew was having one last brunch with his friends from his program.

Andrew managed to find a friend with a bathroom scale, so we are using that to weigh the suitcases. Did you know the airlines have gotten picky about suitcase weight? Anything over 50 lbs you get charged for. We brought empty suitcases with us, but that won't be enough, so lots of boxes will go by UPS.

Then I made pasta with some ingredients in Andrew's cupboard and added the chicken leftover from the box lunches at graduation.

Then at 6pm we left for Fenway park. We went on two trains to get there, and one bus to get back. Auntie Carol met us there, always good to see her. The Red Sox won, but they tried to lose in the top of the 9th. Then at 11:30 Andrew left for an all-night party with his friends but Gary and I went to bed--if you can call it that.


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