Monday, August 02, 2004

It's Monday

Not many Mondays left in the summer. I spent a full day at the office, most of which was spent helping R. and Steven earn their money. R. helped make dinner, such as it was. I updated a couple things on my website, then did a bit more cleaning in A.'s room, packing stuff away.

We haven't heard any more from A.--I hope he is OK.

David replaced the wiper blades on the blue car, and a tail light bulb in the "new" Maxima. I did tell you we've been given a new car, didn't I? We decided to take the car, but haven't decided what we will do with it or with the blue car. And speaking of cars, the van seems to be leaking oil more than a little--I don't think that is a good sign.

Tonight R. is finally spending her $25 gift certificate to that she got from Burts for Christmas. She hasn't bought many things online, so she's having fun with it. She's buying school books since she didn't get around to buying children's books.

I'm opening A.'s mail while he is away. Today he got his first paycheck stub and his first loan repayment bill. Guess which one was twice a big as the other?? Hopefully, that loan repayment program really works!

I "bought" Gary a present today. Really, I bought it with department money, since it was a business expense. I got him a 128 MB jump/thumb/flash drive. He will find this very useful as he tries to keep his computer at home and his computer at work synchronized with each other.


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