Wednesday, August 31, 2005

They're Off!

Andrew and Laura's last morning here went smoothly. They opened another bank account, made another trip to the drug store, said goodbye to two more family friends. We stopped at Taco Bueno for lunch on the way to the airport (we don't recommend their new potato skins), and they had no problems checking in. Their 4 bags each weighed just barely under 70 lbs so they didn't have to pay; starting tomorrow, the maximum weight is 50 lbs each before you have to pay. Good timing.

Our new daughter-in-law has quite a sense of humor. Here are some funny things we heard from her today:
  • I know they're going to think I'm starting up a farmacia with half a suitcase of deodorant, three bottles of contact solution, two Epipens, ...
  • He can buy his first Hummer when he has his first dictatorship.
  • That pink suitcase is so bright it will show up on Google maps.
After we dropped Andrew and Laura off at the airport, we went to see a movie using the free passes I had gotten for my birthday several weeks ago (they expire tomorrow). We saw The War of the Worlds. My favorite line from the movie was:

"Rachel! Stop talking!"


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