Monday, October 10, 2005


Not much for news lately. News from David is that he sprained an ankle playing indoor soccer. He joined an indoor soccer league that is so bad, he "scored two of our three goals." He sent me a calendar so I can see how his school works. He has two semesters that are divided into thirds, six blocks altogether. He has a few days off after each block, and the month of July off. He bought his ticket to Ethiopia for Dec 20-29, and Lori bought hers too, so he is excited about that.

I haven't heard much from Andrew and Laura. I know they are sad to be missing the baseball playoffs. I think Laura is organizing some photos to send, but I still haven't gotten them yet.

Rachel is doing well. Still no word on her Texas teacher's Review of Credentials, although they did charge her credit card. She is still making pretty good money and not working that hard at a temporary job at the Center. She is attending two singles' groups.

Gary went to Lubbock last weekend for a linguistics conference. I picked him up Sunday morning at Love field early enough for choir practice. He is home this week, but then off to Richmond the next week and Boston the week after that. While he was away Rachel and I attended a wedding at a new wedding chapel in Duncanville. I gave more of grandma S's pottery for a wedding gift, but my stores of pottery are running dangerously low.

I'm starting to refinish the deck. I wish I had some help.

I guess that is about all the news.


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