Friday, January 19, 2007


I expect almost anyone reading this blog has already heard from Rachel and seen the link to her online photo album of pictures of the wedding she was in a week ago. But if not, here is the link. (Now, I'm not exactly sure how this works. If you don't have a Goggle account, I'm not certain you can view this album, even though it has been marked as "public." Does anyone know if that is true?)

Here it is Friday already. This was a strange week because we had a holiday on Monday and a snow day on Wednesday. They say we might get a bit more bad weather, but more likely it will be off to the north west of us.

I'm kind of worried about David--haven't actually talked to him since Jan 1st. I know he's busy, but I hope he gets in contact soon so we can hear how he is doing. His friend Jesse was in Houston staying with him last week, so according to Jesse, David is still alive.

Andrew and Laura were supposed to have been in Tegucigalpa this past week; haven't heard if they got back yet.

Rachel worked yesterday and today and is babysitting tonight. The cat she has been catsitting may be returned to its owner early next week. Then she's going to adopt the skinny black cat that we took in a couple weeks ago. The new black cat and the old white cat are mortal enemies and Gary is getting tired of them hissing at each other.


At 12:20 PM, Anonymous april said...

We have an old and young cat too. They are getting used to eachother, I like to watch them other roomies dont on the other!


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