Saturday, August 07, 2004

Catching up

We haven't been getting a lot of emails from A., but we did get one this week with a phone number. So I got brave and tried it. Sure enough, he answered. And the connection was good, aside from that annoying delay one often gets with overseas calls. That's the good news. The bad news was that it cost $.92/minute to call. I'll need to see if I can find a cheaper way.

He said he was doing ok, except for his first case of bad diarrhea. He thought the church leaders were planning to drive him to Awassa next Tuesday. We think that is where he will be living eventually. Two other colleagues whom he knew in El Salvador, are joining his team today, so he will be happy to work with some old friends, and maybe speak a little Spanish.

R.'s scanning job continues to plug along. I'm having a bit of a hard time keeping up with her and Steven. I may need to go to work today to try to catch up. She ordered most of her school books on this week. Today she and D. are with the church singles' group for a day at Lake Waxahachie, hosted by folks in our adult Bible study. I hope no one drowns.

D.'s organic chemistry class finished on Thursday. He takes the MCAT a week from today. He got an "out of the blue" offer for possible housing in Washington DC, at kind of Christian fraternity attached to the Presbyterian church He is not crazy that he has to fill out yet another application with references, but it does seem like the Lord may have dropped this opportunity into his lap. He would be living in a house with a number of others who all have full-time jobs in the DC area, they meet weekly for Bible study, once every two weeks for mentoring, and perform some kind of community service.

My mom got her computer running again after it was down for a while. I asked her how she got it going and she said, "I wiggled a bunch of wires and banged on it."

Last night our college Bible study met for the next-to-last time. The kids made homemade pizza after the study. I've got photos of it on my website


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