Monday, August 09, 2004

Weekend is over

and we're back to work. I worked more than 8 hours today trying to get caught up with the scanning project and keep R. working. R. wasn't feeling so well, so she only worked about 3 hours today. She and Steven still haven't gotten paid; this seems to be taking longer than it should.

The friends who are giving us their car came by tonight with the title and the papers. I'll need to work on getting that process finalized soon. D. has basically taken ownership of the car.

D. drove to Plano today to figure out where the place is he has to go early Saturday to take the MCAT. Probably that was a good idea, so he won't have that stress on test day. It will be a long day, the test is 7 hours long.

G. is happy that Monday night football started today. Can't say that the rest of us are.

R.'s books that she ordered have been arriving in the mail. She says it's like Christmas in August.


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