Monday, September 05, 2005

Outsmarted by a Rodent

When we went to Andrew's wedding we had someone looking after our house, but we decided the cat could live outside during the week we were away. While the cat was away, the mice came in to play. I'm assuming these creatures must be small, judging by the size of their calling cards (isn't that a cute euphemism?). And while cleaning a couple days ago, I found nine pecans in my sewing drawer. Did I put pecans in my sewing drawer?? I asked myself. Why did I put them there?? After considerable cogitation on this matter I finally realized that no, it must be a critter about twice the size of the pecan who put them there. What industrious creatures.

So last night I set a mouse trap. I used peanut butter and put one of those pecans beside it just to make it look even more appealing. Today the peanut butter and the pecan are gone, the trap unsprung. I'm a failure.


At 2:25 PM, Blogger SlingingPecans said...

Sure it was mouse? Their calling card is about the size of a (cooked) grain of rice, while a "rattie raisin" is a bit larger. Definately try a big rat trap :)


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