Monday, October 30, 2006

The PE Teacher

It seems like Rachel has been called to sub as a PE teacher a number of times, so she got herself a proper warmup suit. And new shoes. The jacket is reversible which made the sleeve-length alterations even more tiresome. And of course, the pants were too long. I also remodeled a new pair of brown pants that she found on the clearance rack for $5. And shortened the sleeves and took in the back of a nice new linen jacket.

Today the sub job was supposed to be just half a day, but other teachers got sick, so she stayed for the whole day and subbed for two other teachers.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Early Christmas

Gary received his first Christmas gift this week, a generous gift card to Men's Wearhouse. He's going to look very nice for Jessica's wedding in January. But now I need to get him there to pick out a new suit. Next: I'm trying to get him to change his hairstyle.

In other news: Rachel has finally recovered from her both her illness and the medicine she took to cure it. She has worked the last two days. She was the computer lab aide today, she really likes that job. Some jobs start at 7am, so he leaves home by 6:45. I'm still asleep at that time!

I haven't heard from David recently (bad dog!). I think it was early in the week we talked to Andrew and Laura over Skype. They are still dealing with Laura's stolen wallet--a bunch of bother--but nothing had been charged to her credit cards.

Today I figured out how to copy DVDs, so I made a couple more copies of Gary's 50th Birthday DVD. Let me know if you know anyone who might want one, since now I know how to duplicate them.

Gary is off to Waxhaw on Sunday, back on Wednesday, then to Austin Thursday through the next Sunday. I'm planning on going with him to Austin.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Gary Tries for an Early Christmas Present

Continuing my theme of Gary's Christmas list, today we ran out during lunch hour and he ordered new reading glasses. We're lucky to have the 20% discount, making the total a mere $300! He'd better not lose them. They used some kind of high-index plastic that allows the +8 lenses with prisms to actually be thinner than coke bottles. He's hoping they are ready by Friday, before he leaves for another week of meetings.

Rachel went back to work today, and she stuck it out all day, but she came home sick again. I think she suffers from migraine headaches (as I do) but hers manifest differently than mine. She has a symptom she calls "rolly eyes" along with nausea but only moderate head pain. I usually get severe head pain just on one side, sometimes with nausea. Anyway, I'm trying to convince her to follow the simple directions my doctor gave me which actually really works: take some OTC pain reliever THE VERY FIRST MINUTE YOU NOTICE ANY SYMPTOMS. For me, anyway, that seems to prevent a full-blown migraine.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


Gary got home safely from Michigan this morning at 8am. We got to choir at church in plenty of time. He almost didn't get on his flight, however, since the limo they reserved never showed up and there was no person at the hotel front desk and there was no phone to make a call and he has no cell phone. Eventually he found the hotel's laundry lady who helped him get back into his room and from there he called a taxi. He made it to the gate just as they were starting to board first class.

Rachel is feeling better, but I think our school district has the day off tomorrow, so she still probably won't work. Hopefully, she'll have something on Tuesday.

David seems to be interested in a new girl--but how can he date someone named Rachel??

Rumor is that Laura's wallet and cell phone were stolen--I haven't got confirmation of that nor do I know if they've been able to cancel the credit cards, etc. but we should pray that no one does the identity theft thing.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Update on David

These are my two favorite photos of David when he was little. I post them to mention that he did finally hear from the cardiologist regarding his echocardiogram: inconclusive. The doctor asked David if his symptoms have continued, and they have not since he quit working out so much. So, let's all hope it was just a temporary fluke and that David has a long life ahead of him. :-)

In other news, Rachel has been quite sick for the last week. It started with a sore throat 10 days ago then flu symptoms then a day of uncontrollable vomiting. We got her her into our clinic on Tuesday, but were reminded that she's too old for the clinic and after this she has to go find her own doctor. (That is sad, because it has been wonderful for her to have the same doctor since she was 2--someone who really knows her medical history from over 20 years of taking care of her.) She tried to work on Thursday, but they ended up having to get a sub for the sub after just one hour. She is better today, and hopefully can go back to work next week.

Gary is in Michigan for the weekend. He'll be there for the start of the World Series, except for one small problem--he doesn't have a ticket. Where's that scalper Andrew when ya need him?? He'll be back home in time to sing in choir on Sunday.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Another Thing Gary Needs for Christmas

Rachel remarked that every Christmas for as long as she can remember, her dad never needed or wanted anything for Christmas. Now this year we have a long list for him! The latest thing he needs is a new electric shaver. His old one died and he's using a blade to shave--that seems so primitive! And dangerous!

Our good friend Mary has twice phoned (while we were out) asking the results of David's echocardiogram. So I called David to ask him, and he said, "Well, the doctor never called me, so it must be OK." I told him that was NOT an acceptable answer and that he must call the dr. tomorrow and get a report. So if he does, he'll let me know. He did say he hasn't had any weird palpitations this past week.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


I was cleaning up some piles of stuff this morning and came across two things that seem to have almost been made for each other--this lovely original painting and this old black frame. The glass from the frame broke some time ago and I just kept it laying around. The painting was given to us by a friend who spent some time in an Asian country and bought a pile of these drawings for her friends, at about $2 each.

Speaking of painting, Gary was going to paint the end of the house today, but it is rainy.

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Slow Week

You know it has been a slow week when all I have to blog about is our ailing garbage can. A week ago it lost its lid when the super-duper trash truck picked it up an dumped it--the lid went into the abyss along with the rest of the nonrecyclables. Then, later in the week we had a big rain storm. Our half-full trash can was now half full of water too. Yuck!

Gary decided to solve the problem temporarily by drilling holes in the bottom; I decided to solve the problem permanently by dialing 311. That got me the City of Dallas and they say they will bring us a new one, sometime over the next 10 days.

Rachel didn't work very much this week because she got sick. I guess that is one thing nice about subbing--you can just say no. She did her usual babysitting for Karis, but this week Karis came to our house instead of Rachel going there. Rachel's work with Karis may be coming to an end as Karis will soon be receiving respite care from a nurse.

We've watched some playoff games, I got the oil changed in the van today, and the weather finally got cool enough for me to wear a jacket one day this week. My mom called to say she is having cataract surgery next week. I guess that is the family news for now.

Monday, October 09, 2006

What Gary Needs for Christmas

Yes, it is a little early, but I think we should get started on this soon. Gary has been asked to play the processional for Jessica's wedding on January 12 on his hammered dulcimer. That means he needs these things for Christmas:
  1. A stand for his dulcimer
  2. A new suit
  3. New shoes
Jessica asked him to play Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring so he's starting to practice. Rachel has also been asked to be a bridesmaid, so she's excited about that.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Moonlight Camping

Friday we decided on the spur of the moment to make another 24-hour urban camping trip to Cedar Hill State park. Rachel's full day of subbing got shortened to half day, so we talked Gary into taking a few hours off too. We had $10 coupon off camping, and we already have our pass, so it only cost $10. The level of the lake had dropped significantly since we camped last June.

Since Rachel went with us this time, I'm in this photo. Maybe she'll post some other photos in her blog.

There was a full moon last night and it was amazing how much light it provided. We hardly needed our flashlights.

It was actually chilly when we woke up this morning.

But by the time I cooked breakfast, it was already getting warm.

We hiked a little trail and saw a scummy pond and some new wildflowers.

On a different topic, David did have his echo cardiogram, but hasn't gotten the results yet.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Helpful Elevator

The newest terminal at DFW airport is a grand structure, complete with a multi-story parking garage. Each floor of the parking garage is decorated in a different Texas wildflower theme. And they have these handy reminder notes to take with you so you can remember where you parked your car. I guess I'm not the only one who forgets where they parked.

Gary got home safely from Colorado Springs and we bought tickets for Detroit today where he goes in two weeks. After that there's Charlotte and then Austin.

And David just happened to mention he's had an EKG, worn a heart monitor for 24 hours, and is having an echocardiogram tomorrow morning. Something weird with his heart, we all hope it is nothing serious.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not Covered

I'd better not get sick or have an accident any time soon. Our employer just started with a new health insurance company this month and when I did the online registration tonight, it said only Gary was covered. So I called the 1-800 help line, and they told me the same thing. :-(

In other news, it is hot here. Is it ever going to cool down?

Gary is in Colorado Springs, in spite of his flight being canceled yesterday. Home tomorrow.

I'm plugging away getting our newsletter out.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Andrew and Laura made a web album with some photos from their recent trip to DR. This one was taken at Nicole's wedding.

Not much for news here. Gary is off to Colorado Springs tomorrow for a couple days. Rachel has subbing jobs lined up for tomorrow and Tuesday. I'm working on getting a newsletter out. The email ones are done, now on to the paper mail ones.

The weather is still too hot and they predict it will be hot all week.