Monday, June 14, 2004

Home again, home again

We got here safely, and are happy to be home. We had six large suitcases, and six carryon pieces, but a large taxi arrived and took us to the airport. No snags along the way, and Andrew slept all the way home. David was at the airport to meet us, and had taken the seat out of the van, so it was easy to get the luggage in.

Rachel and the neighborhood kids were here to greet us, and since then I've been doing laundry and unpacking.

Tomorrow at 7am I have to drive Andrew to the airport--he just can't sit still. He's going to Canada for his friend's wedding and plans to hang around Montreal for a couple days before that.

I'll get back to work tomorrow, and hopefully, Rachel will get started with her scanning job later this week. Lots of details to work out about that, but I sure hope it works.


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