Saturday, June 19, 2004

Homemade pizza

Today has been kind of a slow and lazy day. I did the laundry but that is about all. I wanted to work on adding photos to my website, but my computer is acting cranky and I got too frustrated with it and gave up. We need to reinstall the OS and start fresh.

In a little bit we drive to Grapevine Mills Mall to pick up Doro, home from her tour of the east coast. We'll bring another student too.

I resituated a little bit of stuff today, taking R's stuff out of G's office and packing it into a corner in the piano room. After Doro leaves we have a big job to find a place for all of Andrew's stuff. I sure wish we had a garage or attic or storage shed or something.

Anyway, late this afternoon R. decided to make homemade pizza with Chimbai, the 8-year old African boy who hangs out here quite a bit. They did almost all the work themselves, and it tasted great. She is so patient with him and let me tell you, he is a handful.


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