Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Internet is down

Most of today our internet connection was not working. Just at 9:30 tonight it suddenly started working again. It is a reminder of how dependent we have become on it.

Rachel was sick with a migraine headache yesterday, but was ok today and went to work. She got quite a bit done. We swam at lunch time. The pool is starting to feel like bathwater, but it is better than walking in the heat.

Gary flew to Michigan early (really early) this morning. He phoned from his hotel and said he got there ok. We had a bad connection so we didn't talk for long. He will be working with the people from Linguist List.

And to the airport again tomorrow morning, but not so early, to pick Andrew up.

Gary won't be here for Bible study on Friday, so I'm trying to prepare the lesson.


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