Sunday, July 04, 2004

4th of July

Our town celebrated on the 3rd, and we didn't really notice until late last night the boom-boom of distant fireworks woke D. up from his nap and he asked if we were being bombed. Today there was a lot of patriotism during the song time at church, but not a patriotic sermon.

This afternoon we are having friends from our old Bible study over for hamburgers. D. and A. made coleslaw as a collaborative effort--it is scary to see them both in the kitchen with knives! I made potato salad earlier, and hopefully all the friends will be bringing the rest of the food. Some of us will go swimming first.

R. went to Olive Garden with the singles class from church, so she won't be very hungry for burgers. D. attended the Baptist church again today and sat with Florence--that probably made Florence happy.

Yesterday G. did major tree trimming in both front and back yards, and now has ache muscles. At least he didn't have to mow this weekend because A. did it on Friday.

I was very happy with the way the college age Bible study went on Friday evening. It was our second meeting. 14 were there again, and 3 more came at 9pm for the fun time afterwards.

D. applied to medical school yesterday. He finished the process by borrowing my credit card to pay for the application--almost $400! It is a joint application for all schools and will be followed up by shorter applications to specific schools. He is looking at Ph.D./M.D. programs, and not all medical schools have them.


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