Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Hidden visitors

This morning Gary was about to leave for the office (I was already there) when he heard little voices. He followed the sound and found Michael and Ebenezeer hiding in the back of David's room, which is the new store room, with two cans of Dr. Pepper. One was open and spilling all over Andrew stuff that he hasn't yet finished packing away. Needless to say, Gary was not happy. And by the time he scolded them and cleaned up the mess, he was late for his meeting. I guess we need to try a little harder at keeping the back door locked, huh?

Rachel was sick today so she didn't go to work. I'm training a second person to do scanning, so I kept him busy today instead of Rachel.

David starts his second semester of Organic Chemistry tomorrow. It will be a night class in Irving. This will be the third different Dallas Community College campus that he is using this summer. It will be 5 hours per day (5-10pm) for 4 days a week. Because of the odd schedule for the first semester class, he will start second semester before 1st semester is even finished.

Andrew is at the dentist at the moment--we'll see how he does. He thinks he may have several cavities. Better to get them fixed now than wait until he gets to Ethiopia.

Rachel took Chimbai to VBS at our church last night and then worked in the nursery. If she feels well enough she will return with him tonight.


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