Saturday, July 10, 2004


Since we started this college-age Bible study on Friday nights, my Saturdays have been slow and laid back. Now the routine is to work feverishly on Fridays to finish the laundry, get the bathrooms cleaned, vacuum the whole house, go to the store for food, and make sure we are ready for everyone to come.

Last night was the third meeting of the Bible study. The numbers of kids were down--two regulars were at funeral, two others were helping at church VBS, and a couple others just didn't come. Gary did a good job teaching again, and I'm amazed how these kids really do seem very interested and they listen carefully and ask good questions. Next week will be different because Gary will be out of town and I will have to be in charge.

Andrew left early this morning for Kansas City--7pm flight which meant I had to get up at 5am. I let Gary sleep in, then when I got home I went back to bed and he got up in time to get Rachel off for her last time at VBS. She has been helping in the nursery every evening this week, and today they are having some kind of closing program from noon-2pm.

David's biology class at Mountain View is over, but he still has a few more days of semester one Organic Chemistry in Mesquite to go. However, semester two of Organic Chemistry at North Lake has already begun. It is a night class, 5-10pm four nights a week. He has had to drive to three different community college campuses to get these classes. One day last week he left the lights on and ran the battery down so campus security had to give him a jump. That is the second time this summer that he has done that.

Gary flies to Michigan this week--Wenesday-Sunday. Andrew returns on Thursday. Yesterday I took a family to the airport and will pick them up tomorrow. Good thing I know my way to the airport, huh?

The family I took to the airport flew to Minnesota for a funeral. Sad story there--23 year old Jon was electrocuted when the small sail boat he was sailing hit high-voltage power lines. Jon lived a few days after the accident, but died from infection after both legs were amputated. Jon's family are Wycliffe members who worked in Indonesia and currently live in our neighborhood. Jon hadn't lived here in Dallas for some time, but lots of the MKs knew him. Life can be short. We are praying for the family, especially Jon's younger brother who witnessed the accident.


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