Thursday, August 12, 2004

Update, not much happening

We are still trying to get our new car into our name, insurance, etc. I've made some steps in that direction, but still more to go. Will try again next week.

R.'s job continues to keep me busier than I want, but if we keep it up, she will make enough for one out of ten college payments. Ugh. Tonight she goes to church to babysit, as she has for the last several Thursday nights. Next Thursday will be her last time. It has been another avenue for her to get to know some people at church. And she LOVES babies.

D. is getting pretty stressed out about the upcoming test on Saturday, though he probably wouldn't admit to it.

We got email from A. today. He sounded a bit overwhelmed, having seen his first group of people dying from AIDS while trying to formulate a plan for offering jobs as an alternative occupation to commercial sex workers.

G. has had a "bad" day with Cocoon (some kind of computer programming environment, I think). Our adult Bible study is not meeting tonight so he can do the preparations for our last college Bible study, which is tomorrow night.


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