Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Home safely

Doro phoned us and left a message today saying she got home safely even though her luggage hadn't.

Andrew talked to an SP person in Kenya today for almost an hour this morning, finalizing some details of his upcoming job in Ethiopia. Looks like he will leave the end of July. He has to have a yellow fever shot before then, and cholera if he hasn't already had that. The guy in Kenya, Scott, is the East Africa director and told A that he had been fairly skeptical about him coming. He wasn't at all impressed that he had just graduated from Harvard, but when he learned he had done his undergrad at Taylor that changed things--Scott is a Taylor grad too!

So now A is going into overdrive thinking of all the things he has to do and all the friends he has to see before leaving. No doubt, more trips to wherever are coming up.


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