Saturday, June 26, 2004

Bible study

Andrew has a one-way ticket to Africa now. He leaves July 24. He is making appointments for a yellow fever shot, dental appointments, and making plans to travel all over the country to say goodbye to his friends. He will have some kind of orientation in Nairobi, Kenya before moving to Ethiopia. He has already been warned that the telephone and internet services in Ethiopia are terrible :-(

Rachel's job STILL isn't completely organized, but we did make significant progress yesterday when we finally got the detailed instructions about how to do the scanning.

We are hosting a college-age Bible study on Friday nights this summer (7:15-9pm) and last night was the first meeting. 14 kids came for the Bible study and another couple came for the fun time afterwards 9-midnight. We more or less opened it up to any college aged MKs and asked them to RSVP if they wanted to come and could more or less commit to coming for the entire 8 weeks. We probably would have had even more come if we hadn't restricted it that way, but our house isn't big enough for many more than that. We are watching the Gospel of John video cut into 8 segments as the text we are studying. Gary is leading the study. It went well last night I thought. Everyone seemed interested and asked good questions. We got a nice group of kids, a good chunk of them were kids we had never met before. Most of them stayed for the fun time and played an all-comers domino game called Chicken Foot. Our kids are fortunate to have such good friends.

Andrew is flying to NYC this afternoon to go to a Yankees-Mets game tomorrow, but Gary has him replacing some of the rotted wood on the outside of our house before he leaves.


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