Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Busy day

Rachel's job has still not gotten completely organized yet, so she hasn't yet had a typical day. She has made some progress toward getting it organized, but the guy in California has not been prompt about doing his part, so she still hasn't gotten much done.

Rachel and I have started swimming during lunch hour. That time seems to work well. She is always cold, so the heat at midday doesn't bother her.

Tonight Rachel and Andrew are at a Rangers' game. They should be back soon.

Today David reinstalled the operating system on this computer. It took a bit of doing, and I still don't have all the software reinstalled, but I'll get to it eventually. I've quit using Internet Explorer and am trying something called Foxfire instead.

Doro phoned us from Germany this afternoon. Her luggage arrived and they were eating the American candy while watching the European soccer playoffs on TV.

Andrew found out he will probably leave for Ethiopia July 22 or 23. He's got a lot of people to visit and a lot of baseball games to attend before then, to say nothing of getting a visa, getting a yellow fever shot, going to the dentist, packing, etc.


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