Saturday, August 14, 2004

David is off taking the MCAT at the moment. I hope stays awake. It lasts for 7 hours! How well he does may determine whether he would be accepted into the MD/PhD program that he wants.

We've heard from A. a couple times this week. He's met his first people dying of AIDS.

R. wants me to take her shopping today or sometime soon. But I told her I wouldn't take her until she finishes her homework. Yes, she had 6 or 8 little assignments for her education portfolio to do over the summer and she still hasn't gotten them all done. I think she has two left to go. She has received all the books she ordered from, but I think there are one or two more texts she will need to buy at the college bookstore.

G. has been working so hard at the office to finish getting the Ethnologue ready for the next edition. What a lot of work. Last night and this morning he's been on the phone with a guy at Microsoft (who used to work with us at the Center) about finalizing the set of three-letter codes that are on their way to becoming an ISO standard.

I'm probably going to go back to the office today to work on R. and Steven's scanning project. One more week of that before they go back to college.


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