Sunday, August 22, 2004

Transitions are beginning

We are starting to get into the last days of having any kids home. D. and I will drive R. to SNU on Wednesday, leaving very early. We will try to get her settled into her room in the afternoon, then we'll drive back home in the late afternoon or evening. She will have a private room on the first floor of the freshman dorm this year. That will be good in some ways, but she may feel lonely too.

D.'s housing in DC still isn't 100% finalized, so we hope it gets finalized this week. He may leave as soon as Saturday, or maybe Sunday, or maybe Monday. Still trying to figure it out. He will be driving to DC with our "new" car. He hopes to move in on Sept. 1 and start his job on Sept. 2.

We've heard only a little from A. this week. I got a lead on a cheap phone card to Ethiopia, and I tried to used it, but without success so far. I will probably try again during the week.

I took R. shopping the other day. She found a few things, but still has more to go. I sewed her a pair of black dress slacks yesterday and finished them today, then made a long black skirt out of the remaining fabric. So new pants and skirt for $6 (plus 8-9 hours of my free time).

Tomorrow will be R's last day to work. She already doesn't want to go, but she needs to make a bit more $ if she can. Tuesday we will spend most of the day packing.

One of the transitions for R. has been health insurance. She got kicked off ours, so we have to pay this COBRA premium to keep her on. We tried to get her medication today at the pharmacy and they had already pulled her off the plan :-( So tomorrow I need to call and see what's up about that.

G. has been working his tail off to get the next edition of the Ethnologue out the door. He worked 7 hours at the office on Saturday, then came home and mowed all the lawns. He has been working lots of extra hours to pull this huge project to completion.


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