Thursday, August 26, 2004

R. back at school

We got to SNU and back safely yesterday. We got into rush hour traffic a little both going there and coming back, but not too bad. D. did half of the driving, so that was nice for me.

R. has a private room this year on the first floor of the freshman dorm. Other people on the floor are also seniors with private rooms, mostly teachers and nursing students. It will NOT be a party floor! In fact, I hope there is enough going on there so she doesn't become too lonely.

Her room has an ugly paint job--all the walls were spatter painted some years ago when that was a cool thing to do. Her door is dark purple, but at least it goes with the rug she has. We helped her get the rugs in place, picked up the little fridge from storage, assembled her desk and bookcase (I was smart and bought her those collapsible kinds, easy to move and easy to assemble). We got her TV and internet cables organized, and then we left. I would have stayed longer to help her feel more settled, but D. wanted to get home to see his girlfriend. And it is probably better if she has the chance to get herself settled without me in her way.

She emailed later and said she spent another $150 on books, and here we thought she had already bought her books! Aaargh!


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