Thursday, August 26, 2004

Two haircuts in two days

D. has been sporting the hippie look for college. Yesterday he decided he needed a haircut. He would keep the long look, but get it shortened so it wouldn't be in his eyes. Well, he didnt' like the way it turned out, so 24 hours later he had another haircut and is back to the clean cut look from high school. Maybe that is better since he is about to start a REAL job :-)

Tomorrow D. will pack, then on Saturday he leaves. Just today he got the official word that he has been accepted to live in the Presbyterian house This is a real blessing to have a premade community to move into with very reasonable rent, internet, and a parking spot. D. plans to drive to Washington DC via Greenville College to visit his girlfriend, then to Taylor to visit his former roommate.

We've given the blue car to friends to try out; if they want to keep it after trying it for a couple of days, we will give it to them. They have a need for local transportation, so maybe it would keep running for them for a little while.


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